Why 85

Why 85% Organic

The USDA logo would be on our soap, if it weren’t for the chemistry of soap. 

Some of the Chemistry
Lye makes up 12-15%, by weight, of the original ingredients for bar soap, however, it is not organic. It doesn’t exist in the final soap product, but organic regulations require that ingredients be traced back to the beginning, to the product’s origins, and then be accounted for in organic percentages. Therefore, we can not claim 100%. Maybe someday.

Quality and Transparency
As it is, we make every one of our soap bars with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients, a fairly common number for organic soap. It’s not carved in stone, but 85% is a good Two Bars of Organic Aleppo Soap (Syrian Laurel Soap) point of reference. It identifies a particular level of soap quality. And, when it’s used by the soapmaker to describe their own product, it also shows a commitment to honesty and transparency.

Made from Pure Elements of the Earth
Our soaps are made from pure plant ingredients. contains no synthetic colors, fragrances, or preservatives. You can count on 100% Natural. You can count on Organic Ingredients and those that are Certified Organic Ingredients — all of which are indicated on the product pages and labeling.