Mirthburdz The Discovery
Mirthburdz The Discovery

Mirthburdz The Discovery

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Mirthburdz The Discovery(TM)

Written and Illustrated by Mark J Suplicki
Published by Jontaar Creative Studios LLC

This is the story of a unique species that had been completely forgotten, the “mirthburdz.” Tiny little creatures here on earth that looked like birds, but moved like snails. They have huge eyes always gazing out, as if they never slept. Small peaceful creatures. A Species that have kept themselves hidden for millions of years in the cover of an ever-changing forest. An evolutionary hiccup. What are Mirthburdz and what is their purpose? Why now do they take the chance of talking to only one human? Their story is only the beginning of this exciting journey.

  • For ages 7-12
  • Hard Copy - Spiral Bound
  • 48 Pages
  • Full color illustrations

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